What Would Jesus do?



In approaching Arwen I have taken several different approaches. I have been confrontational, I have been whiny, I have begged. I have attempted to bargain, trade, coerce and cajole my way into her heart and moreso into her pants.

All of these have resulted in frustration, resentment and failure. Someone on another blog inserted an odd question: What would Jesus do?

If we go to Matthew chapter 5, Jesus spoke of what He believed in the Sermon on the Mount. He said if someone asked you to walk a mile, walk two. If they ask for your coat, give him your shirt as well. If they slap you on one cheek, offer them the other. Love your enemy.

He lived what He spoke on the cross. God was ready to smite the whole city of Jerusalem. But Jesus said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

This thinking goes against every instinct we have as human beings. When we are attacked, we want to rise up, defend and the retaliate. As we watch visions of people bloodied by terrorist bombs, we want to retaliate and smite out those who would kill and threaten us and our children. It’s just a natural reaction.

Is it the best reaction? Going off and attacking someone out of anger; is that us at our best? Or maybe we are at our best when we are fearful and defensive. We are ever vigilant, seeking out those who would harm us. We build higher walls, install alarm systems, put in check points, hire more screeners and security.

Clearly our gut reaction serves a purpose at the outset. We do need to be careful in the face of danger and sometimes we need to be aggressive when we are threatened. But these initial and base reactions are not us at our best. We can be consumed by them all too easily.

Loving ones enemies is never easy. We think others will look at us and think we are weak. We believe we will invite more attacks upon us if we turn the other cheek.

Actually, it may be precisely the opposite. We may invite more attacks but it is more because of being strong. Ghandi and Martin Luther King both lead nonviolent resistant movements and both were assissinated…by their own. Ghandi was shot by a fellow Indian Hindu, and MLK by a fellow black. Jesus was essentially turned over by one of his own disciples. To be sure, there may be a very steep price to pay for being nonviolent, but is that any more of a price than being violent and vengeful?


4 Responses to What Would Jesus do?

  1. aphron says:

    Remember, Jesus was perfect. You are not. Nice way to start a comment, huh? In my opinion, no one has the answer, except your wife. If she will not communicate, then you cannot move forward. Most of the women I know crave communication. If their mate isn’t talking, they automatically assume something is wrong. The only thing I can offer is have her talk to ya’ll’s pastor. Alone at first. If she is unwilling, just keep at it.

    I empathize with your frustration. Prayer will help.

  2. Square1 says:

    The problem often comes too when we start viewing our loved ones as the ENEMY. I do not remember which book of the Bible… I’m not an address person, more of a content person. But I believe there is a spot that starts off “Love is patient. Love is kind…” I’m sure you recognize it already. Someone once advised me to insert the word “I” in there for love and see how true rang. Of course that’s a very difficult standard to try to adhere to, but it is great to aspire to, and sort of sets the guidelines as to how we’re to treat others including our spouse.

  3. Loving our enemies will never be easy… although I believe it is a sign of strength, strength that many of us cannot muster. Violence is certainly not the answer. Vigilance has had to become a part of our daily lives, as sad as that is.

    While I understand your frustration and resentment in approaching your wife… whining, begging and bargaining will not get you in to her heart or her pants if she is not willing to open both to you.

    The verses that Square 1 spoke of are in Corinthians 13, 4-8, which I suspect you already know. Maybe reading them together with your wife is in order?

    Never under estimate the power of prayer, or the guidance and comfort that can be found in reading the words.

  4. Square1 says:

    TY woman for giving me the address. I’m actually thinking about doing a post about this scripture. It’s rather convenient to not have to go searching for it.

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