Blog Review: Rodtalks, Jay Flying Solo

July 6, 2005



I was looking at an article about blogging and noticed that I frequently violate one of the cardinal rules, namely keeping it short. I frequently write entirely too much.

Most folks I read don’t do that, and it does make it easier to quickly comment and move on as the mood strikes.

Rodtalks is one of those who turns out small articles on a daily basis. His blog is loosely themed around sex with his married lover of 8+ years, with a liberal dose of humorous observations thrown in. Actually, he seems to have struck some sort of balance between being in a sexless marriage and getting sex on the side. He is sexually monogamous, just not with his wife. His wife doesn’t seem aware of his extracurricular activity but since she is not into sex at all, there doesn’t seem to be any real competition between his two lives. This is one way of working things out. It seems odd to me that his wife would have a right to complain, since she has abandoned her role in meeting his physical needs. I find it odd that LL wives seem to place a premium on physical faithfulness when they have abandoned their role in keeping their man faithful for so long. Does physical faithfulness mean involuntary celibacy?

Jay Flying Solo is authored by the primary author of Jay Loves Kitti, only this represents his solo effort. He gets tons of airplay on my blog by virtue of being in a marriage that is cascading towards an imminent meltdown. The joint blog was highly instructive, but both Jay and Kitti really needed their own space. While Jay’s efforts closely reflect much of my own thinking, Kitti’s perspective was a rare look inside a disaffected wife’s head.

Jay’s solo blog is a grittier and edgier version of the joint blog. Freed from some of the limitations of having his wife reading him, he’s more honest in his reflections and doesn’t spend time trying to sugarcoat things. How he’ll manage to keep this up will be interesting, since he is linked up to other blogs that Kitti is sure to read. Mine isn’t as much of an issue since it was down before and during much of Kitti’s trip to her parent’s. Jay recently expressed some regret over having a joint blog, but I think it was worth a try as an innovative attempt at group therapy. Kitti had some problems with what readers were telling her, and this is probably indicative of what will happen if and when she ever darkens the doorway of a therapist’s office. She is going to hear some very unpleasant things and only time will tell if she has the courage to step up. Individual therapy would probably be a more secure way for her to deal with this.

Jay has a penchant for writing erotic tales and fantasies, weaving them into a factual account thus tricking a reader into getting involved. And really, a reader can’t help but be drawn into his R/L tale, because it is such a personal account of his thoughts, feelings and efforts in fighting the good fight. He updates about every other day, or so.

Okay, I’m long-winded. But at least I’m productive. I get nervous when someone I read regularly lets go for a week or more without notice. And I have a mitt full of reads that are in serious need of updating. This seems especially true of male writers. The above mentioned are actually exceptionally dependible producers of content that is well worth reading.


ACK! Looks like Rod has pulled his site nearly completely down! so very sorry to see him go.