Blog Reviews: Square1, Dewdrop & C-Marie

If there is no other material, a review is always easy, quick and makes folks feel pretty good. At least as long as the review is good. If it’s on my roll, it’s good. Otherwise it gets moved off fairly quickly.

Square1 and I have been reading each other for quite some time and we seem to travel in similar circles. This shouldn’t be too surprising since I used her blogroll when I was blogless and used those links to get mine going again. Hers is probably one of the best relationship blogs around, in that you do get a bit of everything. There is conflict, sentimentality, thoughtfulness and plenty of sex appreal to go around. All of it tastefully done. Square1 is a passionate writer, and this shows through in many of her postings. She is also an intelligent writer. When she is not thinking about the deeper things, she poses questions that force the reader to think. It’s all real and all genuine, which is why she attracts visitors by the busload. Another reason why she draws people in, is because she is exceedingly generous with her comments on other people’s blogs. Always generous, always kind and always thoughtful. She contributes to and compliments my theme not only as a co-traveler on the path to a better relationship but also as somewhat of a model. She puts her whole heart into forging a better relationship with her husband which is an inspiration to anyone going through a similar struggle. She’s a prolific writer, posting several times a week and several times a day on occasion.

If Square1 is a sort of companion blog, Dewdrop is the mirrored alternative universe. Her blog is the perfect compliment, because she is also struggling with parts of her relationship but from the exact opposite point of view. Whereas I would have my wife desire me more sexually and increase her libido, Dewdrop would want her husband to lower his libido and be pawing at her a lot less. Whereas I hoot and holler about how evil the LL spouses are, Dewdrop champions the LL cause and point of view. Her task is more difficult as she is one of the few LL blogs that I’ve ever encountered. she is always looking for new recruits, as it were. It would also be sort of cool to find and successfully capture a LL guy’s blog. I just want to find one who blogs about not wanting sex with the passion that Dewdrop does. I admire her pluck and courage in writing about this topic with such openness and honesty. I say nice things about her, because she is just that good, but also because I don’t want to frighten her away! Her type is definitely on the endangered list. Dewdrop journals about all sorts of other things besides her clashing libido relationship. In fact, that topic makes up less than 50% of her content. She’ll blog about her job, children, her daily activities, the weather and assorted other daily struggles as well as other observations. She writes in such a way that even fairly mundane things are sometimes made entertaining by her creative use of the english language and various epithets unique to those living in the U.K. She posts daily. If she missed a couple of days, I think I would start getting worried about her.

C-Marie is one of my newer reads. I always like catching a blog at the beginning stages as it is easier following a story from the beginning. Her story is a good one, in that she is living with a guy (JM) who really doesn’t seem terribly anxious to jump her bones despite the Marie’s efforts at enticing him away from the television. There seems to be an epidemic among a certain type of guy who will choose the television over having sex with the naked woman in front of him. I do not pretend to understand this guy, but I certainly do relate to C-Marie’s pain and lonliness and uncertainty. The guy has sent along his share of painful messeges. While having an apparent disinterest in her, he seems to have a keen interest in porn at times, and gratifying himself. This guy is *such* a candidate for being locked up, like no other I’ve seen! C-Marie posts 2-3 times per week. Sometimes less, and sometimes more, depending on what is happening in her story. When things get heavy, they seem to get VERY heavy as in an overabundance of drama. It might be her skill as a writer or it might just be that she has had to endure some pretty serious emotional jolts from this guy or both. In anycase, a body can not help but be drawn in. A few weeks might go by with very little going on, when all the sudden something happens that sends a reader’s heart into his/her throat, the sweat upon their brow and eyes dialating with panic and alarm. Hold on to your butts, this one is a wild ride!


4 Responses to Blog Reviews: Square1, Dewdrop & C-Marie

  1. C-Marie says:

    Mr. D~ You’re very sweet to lend such a positive view towards my Blog.
    I’m not a very good writer… I could be better. Privacy doesn’t always come easy here and I write as things unfold with a certian urgency. I try to capture myself in the moment, only then to go back and re-evaluate my situation along with the many supporting comments that are recieved. Yes, there are times I have written some heavy hitters.. the drama is what it is. A roller coaster, no doubt.
    I use my Blog as if I were to be making entries in a diary. Only this diary is live. I’ve come to enjoy it and with the knowledge of not being alone in my own demise, it does tend to fill a small but crucial void.
    I am truly glad you are back. Reading your Blog is like a thorough examination of who we are and why we are. Thank you.

  2. Digger Jones says:

    I think we are all in this together for good or ill. I also use my place as a diary of sorts, but it will take a awhile before I get into full disclosure mode. I also like the community-based aspect of the blogger vehicle for supporting each other while still having our own spaces.

  3. Dewdrop says:

    I second c-marie in saying you’re very sweet saying stuff like that about my blog. I just type what I feel/want to. It’s nice to feel people enjoy (?) reading stuff, but I don’t think it’s anything special. I do feel quite alone with my point of view about sex sometimes. Endangered species! That’s a great term lol.

  4. Square1 says:

    Thank you for such kind words. You’re too nice.

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